Suction and floating platform

Absorption and floatation integrated platform YM-1300*800*42.5, adsorption air floatation dual use, arbitrary conversion, convenient operation

Air floating platform

Air floating platform/air floating bead platform YM-1300*800*42.5

Yinmei suction and floating integrated platform YM-1000*1000*42.5 Air floating bead platform

Adsorption, air float dual use, arbitrary conversion, easy operation

Vacuum adsorption + air float table

Vacuum adsorption + air floating table two sets of air path system

YM-1200*900*42.5 Yinmei Air Float platform/Floating bead platform

Yinmei Air float platform is suitable for heavy objects up to 1 ton. Easy to operate, good use effect. The first choice for brake flow operation

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