Printer adsorption platform

UV flatbed printer adsorption platform, step hole 1*5; Scale; Positioning hole

Cutting machine adsorption platform B

Cutting machine adsorption platform 1300*1000*66.5 (front guide rail - section mouth sealing)

Screen printing platform

Silver suction table for screen printing press

Suction and floating platform

Absorption and floatation integrated platform YM-1300*800*42.5, adsorption air floatation dual use, arbitrary conversion, convenient operation

Foshan Yinmei water cycle constant temperature suction platform/water cooling platform

Control the temperature of the water to achieve the established operating temperature

Side Channel Vacuum Pump

The characteristics of Channel Vacuum Pump a、 It has dual functions of blowing and suction, and can be used for both suction and hair dryer. b、 Compared to centrifugal fans and medium pressure fans, their pressure is much higher, often more than ten times that of centrifugal fans.

Stainless steel cutting machine vacuum honeycomb table

1. Ultra high precision plane, with large and uniform adsorption force. 2. Stainless steel panel material, high hardness, scratch resistance and wear resistance. 3. The internal honeycomb structure has high structural strength and stability.

Heating Vacuum platform

Heating and adsorption platform with chassis, integrated heating and adsorption heating and adsorption platform It can be heated up to 150 degrees Celsius, with a multifunctional button (the multi key temperature adjustment function allows you to easily set and adjust the temperature according to experimental needs), a temperature display controller, high accuracy, safe, simple, clear, and convenient operation. The entire panel is made of aluminum alloy material, which has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity, fast heating, and uniform heating. Equipped with a protective switch, it can automatically cut off the power supply in case of equipment overheating or other problems, ensuring safety during use. The three plug chassis also makes the power connection more stable and secure. This integrated heating and adsorption platform chassis integrates multiple practical designs and functions, which can meet various practical needs while also having high safety and convenience.    

Printer vacuum suction platform

UV flatbed printer vacuum adsorption platform

Yinmei suction platform oversized platform 3880*2100*42.5

Yinmei suction platform 3880*2100*42.5, printer platform

Heated adsorption platform

Yinmei suction platform heating adsorption platform

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