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Heated adsorption platform

Yinmei suction platform heating adsorption platform

key word:

Printer series adsorption platform

Product details

Yinmei Suction Platform heating adsorption Platform 1200*600*42.5 Parameters:

Platform size: 1200*600*42.5

Platform thickness: 42.5

Panel material: Aluminum alloy            

Interface mode: flange            

Surface treatment: hard oxidation     

Flatness:The 0.20 mm

Thickness of surface and bottom plate:The 2.0 mm

Suction caliber: 50mm(bottom open)

Operating temperature: ≤120℃




Yinmei vacuum platform are made of aluminum alloy in honeycomb structure, with extremely high flatness of surface.In addition to the advantages of light weight, high strength, high rigidity, bending resistance and deflection resistance, this platform also has the advantages of high flatness, small deflection value, large adsorption force, scratch resistance and wear resistance.


1. Large surface with high flatness 
Yinmei Vacuum Platform has a maximum board size of 2100*3950mm(Be spliced when exceeded),with excellent flatness and deflection of 10-20 wires. The deflection value is less than 10 wires under an extra force of 30 kg.
2.Light weight and large bearing capacity
Yinmei using superior quality aluminum honeycomb, all in aluminium material,of which the density per square meter is about 25-35 kg, bearing 30kg without deformation.
3.Great suction in well-distributed 
Yinmei ensures the performance of the platform are not affected  and also makes the suction force great in well-distributed at any position.
4.Anti-scratch and wear-resistant 
Surface finishing of PVDF、Anodizing、Hard anodizing are available, among which hard anodizing has the best scratch and wear resistance,with sureface hardness HV500-700.
5.Yinmei Vacuum Platform can be cuztomized basing on customer’s deman



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